Frequenly Asked


Here are the most common questions we get asked about foam parties.

  • We use our industrial foam cannons to fill your event space with up to four feet of our allergy-free, environmentally friendly foam.

    Foam parties are refreshingly unique. Your guests have never seen anything like it… And they’ll LOVE it!

  • Take a look at some awesome foam parties, just click HERE.

  • No clean up is needed. The foam is mostly air and water and will evaporate quickly … leaving NO MESS!

  • Our biodegradable foam solution will not cause damage to plants or lawns.
    The foam is also absolutely safe for your furry friends.

  • Outdoors on grass, concrete, or cement. Driveways work REALLY well.

    We are unable to offer foam parties at public parks.

  • All ages. From toddlers to grandparents …Everyone LOVES foam!

  • A bathing suit or quick drying athletic clothes are recommended.

  • Birthday Parties, Graduations, Sweet 16’s, Camps, Childcare Centers, Block Parties, School Events, Festivals, Religious Groups, Fundraising, Corporate Functions, College Events, or just for fun!

    Foam parties are not just for kids either, they can be fun for grown-ups too!

  • Setup takes about 35 minutes at most locations. Having easy access to water and electricity will expedite the process.

  • Depending on how enthusiastically they participate they will range from dry, to damp to soaking wet!

  • Prices start at $400 for an hour (plus tax and travel.) Unlimited guest can participate but for the guest safety there will be a limit to the amount of guest in the foam area at one time.

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